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Our Missions

Take a look at From Your Ministries' current missions and the work we are passionate about. Every mission trip we go on we strive to reach as many men, women, and children as possible. Your support will determine how many lives we will be able to help. We currently lead teams to serve internationally and partner with in-country organizations.


Milk and Egg / Rice and Beans

These projects work towards feeding the children in the local villages. We go into villages, share Christ, and everyone who attends receives a bag of rice and beans.

Women and Children Conference

The conference is a time to share Christ and talk to women about any problems that they struggle with in their lives. Many have disabled children, may be single mothers, and some have HIV. We talk on subjects of women supporting women, raising children with appropriate, non-abusive discipline, and how to have a stronger relationship with the Lord. Each woman receives a gift bag with items such as soap, socks, sugar, tooth brushes, and many other items that have been donated to the ministry. While the women are in their conference the children are doing crafts and have Bible stories about Jesus told to them by the team. They get to color or play depending on if they are disabled. The team loves on the children, so they all have a very loving, positive experience. This also allows for the moms to focus on the classes they are in.

Pig Project

Through donations from our contributors, family, and friends we purchase piglets for the local villages. Families are then chosen as recipients, by heads of the village, due to the families' needs. These families only requirement is when they have their first litter, they must then pass one piglet on to a member of their community. Families breed piglets to sell for family income which helps with food and medical needs.

Dental / Medical

Hygienists will clean teeth and examine patients, a licensed dentist or hygienist will numb patients, dentists will perform extractions, exams, and fill teeth. Licensed nurses and doctors will clean wounds and examine patients. We also work with the local dentist to have the children treated when we are gone.

Local Property

Currently we are fundraising money to cover the cost of buying land (3 acres). This land will have a house and a community center built on it. The cost of the land is $35,000. We are Currently spending $4000 per visit for lodging and food for the team. This would eliminate that cost, invest in a permanent structure, be a home base to work out of, and would serve as a community center for the community we are in. The community center would be used to tutor children in areas of schooling they are struggling in and teach life skills on way to earn an income.

Who do we serve?

Impoverished families
Disabled children and their moms
Children living on the streets